MTC™ Management Seminars

OK!  What a great group.  I can see a lot of potential here.
Welcome to MTC™.  Over the next few days,  we hope you’re going to learn things.  You’re going to learn things about yourself that even your mother doesn’t know.  And, more important, you’re going to learn things about other people.  You’re going to learn the 5 things that make them tick,(pause)  and the 3 things that make you tick.  We’re going to find the barriers that will block you from attaining your goals and, brick by brick, we’re going to dismantle them, put them in the truck, drive them to the landfill, tip the bed and slide the rubble into a pile, smooth it with a loader and cover it with topsoil.  (heads in the audience are nodding in agreement).  And you are going to change.  You will become arrows, streaking directly to your targets!  No more of this floating around like a balloon;  (in a childish voice) “I don’t know…I should have done so and so…what if I screw up.”  Let the other people be the balloons.  We want to be the arrows.  Right through them.  Pop pop pop.
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The Chevy Comrade

Dateline: Detroit
General Motors today held a press conference to unveil the first new car since its merger with the Government of the United States and Mr Trashcan had a front seat with other distinguished members of the press. GM spokesperson Ivan Gregory opened the proceedings, “Today we are announcing a new age in American automobile, the Chevy Comrade™, THE vehicle of choice for the American patriot citizen.”
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