Yucca Mountain: a MTC Exclusive Report

Mr. Trashcan has never been one to shy away from controversial topics and is not about to start today. After researching the controversy surrounding the so-called “Yucca Mountain Repository”, Mr. Trashcan felt it was time for a deep-dive into the problem. As always, Mr. Trashcan seeks out truth with the help of foremost experts in any matter and this is no exception.
Yucca Mountain Repository

Exclusive: Actual photography of the Yucca Mountain Facility taken by MTC drones

Yesterday, he had the good fortune to have lunch with internationally recognized spent rod handling expert and South Eastern Kansas dinner theatre performer of the year Dr. J Matt Witte of the University of Left Texas Special Academy for the Preservation of the Bi-lateral Sciences. It seemed like the perfect time to dig in and get to the bottom of this proposed storage facility for spent rods. So we headed to lunch. Continue reading

Mr Trashcan Calls for Show Trials…

Mr Trashcan really misses the old-style Russian Communists. Commies! One thing they were really good at was putting on those big, boisterous show trials. It was a form of theater as stylized and traditional as the Kabuki, and maybe it hinted at reality TV long before there was even, well, TV. You had your humiliated loser, some poor scapegoat caught up in some state dragnet, with the hollow-eyed look of someone whose treatment has been really bad, and who is just ready to get everything over with, long past expecting or even wanting justice. They never looked up the whole time, never made any eye contact, as some government stooge of a prosecutor harangued them, denounced them, offered them up to the viewing audience as weaklings, cowards, sub-human degenerates. The audience would put their hands up to their mouths, shake their heads, probably making little clucking noises with their tongues; they loved it. Continue reading

Healthcare 2

It’s a damn good thing Mr. Trashcan doesn’t need medical care. Oh, he gets the occasional spot of corrosion, not to mention stubborn stains and films, but he undergoes reincarnation before any of these things become more than an annoyance.
But if he did need medical care, he would be worried. After watching the so called health care reform legislation seep through congress like a toxic spill, he can see the handwriting on the wall. Our system of government not only can’t deal with this problem, it’s going to make it worse. Continue reading

MTC™ Management Seminars

OK!  What a great group.  I can see a lot of potential here.
Welcome to MTC™.  Over the next few days,  we hope you’re going to learn things.  You’re going to learn things about yourself that even your mother doesn’t know.  And, more important, you’re going to learn things about other people.  You’re going to learn the 5 things that make them tick,(pause)  and the 3 things that make you tick.  We’re going to find the barriers that will block you from attaining your goals and, brick by brick, we’re going to dismantle them, put them in the truck, drive them to the landfill, tip the bed and slide the rubble into a pile, smooth it with a loader and cover it with topsoil.  (heads in the audience are nodding in agreement).  And you are going to change.  You will become arrows, streaking directly to your targets!  No more of this floating around like a balloon;  (in a childish voice) “I don’t know…I should have done so and so…what if I screw up.”  Let the other people be the balloons.  We want to be the arrows.  Right through them.  Pop pop pop.
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Lighter than Air

Come with Mr. Trashcan as he takes you, through the miracle of reincarnation, back to 1930 or so, where we will go for a ride in a Zeppelin.  Mr. trashcan has removed from that last sentence the name of the most advanced passenger airship ever built, the Hindenburg.  It is all Mr. Trashcan can do to keep you from opting out on this voyage, with a variety of lame excuses.  Which is a shame.
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Healthcare: A View From the Can…

Mr. Trashcan himself hasn’t been around all that long.  BUT.  We steel appliances are subject to a form of reincarnation, via the scrap yard, and our sheet metal retains a kind of genetic memory of earlier times.   Thus I am able to take you back to the 1950s, well before the cost of Health Care got out of control in the US.   Blue Cross was just starting to be offered.  Middle class people could afford to pay for health care out of pocket, but the people at Blue Cross saw a market: they would protect you from a sudden, health-related financial hardship by converting it to a steady monthly drain spread over your whole life.  These steady drains, from millions of patients, would form a steady river of money, flowing through them, from which they could dip.
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